Cnc - Cancer the Crab

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Intro and Visual description

A faint constellation between Gemini and Leo.

Cancer is included in the ancient star catalogs of Eudoxos of Knidos, Aratos of Soli, and Ptolemy.

Sent by Juno to kill Hercules, who squashed it with his foot.



Asses and the Manger


Star Clusters

M44, Praesepe or Beehive (Galactic cluster), mag. 3.9.
M67 (Galactic cluster), mag. 6.1.



Look with binoculars for the Beehive star cluster, faintly visible to the naked eye.





Constellation Info

Abbr: Cnc

Genitive: Cancri

Size: 31 of 88

RA: 9 hours

Evening culmination (9 pm): March

Midnight Culmination: January, February

Decl: 20 degrees

Entirely visible from: N of -57° latitude

Partially visible from: between -83° and -57° latitude

Not visible at all from: S of -83° latitude


Bordering constellations:

Constellation - Names

Arabic: السرطان

Babylonian: ALLA

Babylonian translation: The Crab

Chinese: 巨蟹座

English: Cnc

French: Cancer

German: Krebs

Greek: Καρκίνος

Hebrew: סרטן

Italian: Cancro

Latin: Cancer

Russian: Рак

Spanish: Cáncer, Cangrejo

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