Gru - Grus the Crane

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Intro and Visual description

Partially visible low in the south in August and September from 35 degrees north latitude. Grus is one of four birds in the southern skies (cf. Pavo the Peacock, Phoenix, and Tucana the Toucan). It contains many very faint galaxies.

One of the eleven southern constellations created by Pieter Dirksz Keyser and Frederick de Houtman in 1596. These were published in Plate Aaa of Johann Bayer, Uranographia (1603).

Constellation Info

Abbr: Gru

Genitive: Gruis

Size: 45 of 88

RA: 22 hours

Evening culmination (9 pm): October

Midnight Culmination: August

Decl: -45 degrees

Entirely visible from: S of 33° latitude

Partially visible from: between 33° and 53° latitude

Not visible at all from: N of 53° latitude


Bordering constellations:

Constellation - Names

Arabic: الكركي

Chinese: 天鶴座

English: Crane

French: Grue

German: Kranich

Greek: Γερανός

Hebrew: עגור

Italian: Gru

Latin: Grus

Russian: Журавль

Spanish: Grulla

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