Constellation Info

Abbr: Pic

Genitive: Pictoris

Size: 59 of 88

RA: 6 hours

Evening culmination (9 pm): January, February

Midnight Culmination: December

Decl: -55 degrees

Entirely visible from: S of 26° latitude

Partially visible from: between 26° and 47° latitude

Not visible at all from: N of 47° latitude


Bordering constellations:

Constellation - Names

Arabic: آلة الرسام

Chinese: 繪架座

English: Painter's Easel

French: Peintre

German: Maler

Greek: Οκρίβας

Hebrew: כן ציור

Italian: Pittore

Latin: Pictor

Russian: Живописец

Spanish: Paleta del Pintor

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