Sex - Sextans the Sextant

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Intro and Visual description

A small, dim constellation lying between Leo and Hydra.

Named after the huge sextant used by Hevelius in Danzig (now Gdansk). One of the seven constellations created by the Polish astronomers Elisabeth and Johannes Hevelius, in 1687.

Constellation Info

Abbr: Sex

Genitive: Sextantis

Size: 47 of 88

RA: 10 hours

Evening culmination (9 pm): April

Midnight Culmination: February

Decl: 0 degrees

Entirely visible from: between -83° and 79° latitude

Partially visible from: S of -83° latitude, and N of 79° latitude

Not visible at all from: nowhere


Bordering constellations:

Constellation - Names

Arabic: السدس

Chinese: 六分儀座

English: Sextant

French: Sextant

German: Sextant

Greek: Εξάς

Hebrew: סקסטנט

Italian: Sestante

Latin: Sextans

Russian: Секстант

Spanish: Sextante

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