Starstruck Tonight

In this section, we will provide narrated audio and print guides to the night sky for the seasons of the year. Coming soon.

Note from Kerry Magruder: What follows in the Winter version of Starstruck Tonight is the first and my favorite planetarium show I produced as director of the OBU Planetarium. The only document I retain is a draft in a very old version of MacWrite or perhaps Microsoft Word, which won’t open in modern versions. Candace Magruder narrated the shows. If you were one of the students who worked with me on this show, please let me know and I'll list credits here. Or, if you were one of the many readers of the quotations, would you please drop me a line so that I can include a “Voice of…” credit after each quotation? Or let me know if you remember who read any particular quote. Please also let me know if you worked in the planetarium during the time when we wrote or produced this show. Thanks!