Declination = degrees measured north or south of the celestial equator.

A measurement perpendicular to the celestial equator, above or below it, is called Declination. Declination is measured in degrees.  The number is positive if the location is north of the equator, and negative if it lies to the south.

  1. What is the declination of the north celestial pole?
  2. What is the declination of the south celestial pole?
  3. What is the declination of any point on the celestial equator?

Use a celestial globe to determine the Declination (d) of the following (remember to indicate + or - degrees):

  1. Mintaka, the top star in Orion's belt
  2. Sirius, in Canis Major the Big Dog
  3. Altair, in Aquila the Eagle
  4. The pointer star of the Big Dipper closest to Polaris

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