Oct - Octans the Octant

Intro and Visual description

Octans the Octant is devoid of bright stars, but three faint stars (not numbered by brightness) make a small triangle.

The south celestial pole actually lies within Octans. No RA (visible anytime).  

The nearest easy-to-spot star to the south pole is Beta-Hydri in Hydrus the Little Snake. No brighter star than Achernar (alpha-Eridani) is closer to the south celestial pole, which lies midway between Achernar (Eridanus) and Crux.

Special Stars

Sigma-Octantis, the closest naked-eye star to the south celestial pole. Magnitude: 5.5 (faint). Distance: 121 LY. Declination: -88 degrees 57 minutes 21 seconds. (Is it closer to the south pole than Polaris is to the north pole?)

Origin and History

One of 17 constellations created by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in 1756.