Ad astra per aspera

September 13, 2019: The site is now open for a sneak peek! Thanks to the OKC Astronomy Club for inviting us (Aja Tolman and Kerry Magruder) to present a demo of the site at their September monthly meeting. We can't think of a group that could provide better feedback for us as we prepare for the official launch of the site on the December solstice. Until then, we'll be working to add additional historical star atlases. Over the coming weeks, watch the statuses change on the Sources page. We have also begun work on the Observing section. This section is too rough to be of use at present and will be receiving a complete revision and update between now and the solstice. We will be adding diagrams, both historical and modern, as part of that update, to help make the Observing section serve as an introduction to observing the sky with the unaided eye.

May 4, 2019: We (Brent Purkaple and Kerry Magruder) were honored to present the final public talk in the 2019 series sponsored by the Medieval Fair and the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Despite the rain, there was a full turnout, and the West Norman Pioneer Library opened the coffeeshop for the event. We took the opportunity to introduce The Sky Tonight. Special thanks to Candace Magruder for reading the literary quotes. The Sky Tonight will open next fall. We did not record the talk, but here are the slides (PDF, 35MB).